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Properly designed space guarantees higher efficiency of your company ...

In the course of our activity in the field of architectural design, we have had the opportunity to cooperate with many businessmen running their own companies. We do realize that, when creating one's own business, the right decisions concerning company's development are the key to success. Every developing enterprise is forced, at some point, to solve the problem of ensuring the right place for proper functioning. In most cases, it means restructuring or moving production and every other type of activity to a new building or to a new plot, where it will be possible to satisfy the needs of the company.


What do we offer?

- comprehensive design services
- competitive price rates

- timeliness
- creativity
- cost-effective approach to designing

Since we are architects with wide experience, we are capable of providing services, thanks to which you will make some of the most important decisions related to the development of you company. During cooperation, we are focused, most of all, on understanding of the needs connected to the manufacturing process and all working procedures at your company, which allows us to propose solutions that may lead to an increase in productivity and a decrease in operating costs.


To ensure that you are confident of the proper development of a project, we can offer the service of author's supervision. We have had many opportunities to see how important the participation of the architect is, from the start to the completion of construction works.

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