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Dear Client,

QULA STUDIO PROJEKTOWE BARTŁOMIEJ KULINA is a resilient architectural studio dealing with designing various buildings.

The complex nature of the construction market poses very high requirements for the architecture industry. To meet them, we are continuously improving the quality of our services, which allows us to be a competitive company on the market.

Offering our architectural services, we are obliged to maintain their highest quality. Our experience makes it possible for us to control not only the technical aspects of our profession, but also the whole of works and administrative actions related to the work of an architect. We know that an architectural design is part of your investment, which means that we have to prepare it properly and timely. 

A series of successfully implemented contracts and a very good knowledge of the construction law allowed us to develop procedures shortening the time of waiting for design works preceding the launch of an investment.

Here are our strengths:

We are well acquainted with administrative processes.

As an architecture company, we are capable of providing services related to all official and administrative issues in the construction process. We are experienced in cases related to proceedings conducted by Construction Supervision and Architecture Departments.

We know the realities of construction.

We know that proper implementation of both a small and a big investment requires a successful and balanced dialogue between the participants of the construction process. Good cooperation with construction teams and knowledge of construction processes allows us to be a creative partner, which significantly facilitates and speeds up project implementation. 

We design to build in a cost-effective manner.

Each investment should based on economic calculation. We design according to Client's needs and assumptions, so as to appropriately optimise the costs of future building investments. We know that our well-considered solutions may be instrumental in significant reduction of investment costs. 

We have skills and procedures allowing us to act effectively.

We work on renown CAD software, which facilitates cooperation with other companies and industries. As a result of a large number of contracts, we have developed methods of work organization and development of design documentation that allow us to prepare designs quickly.



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00-140 Warszawa



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