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Understanding of a developer's business is the basis of cooperation between developer and architect ...

Why it is our company that may be your Business Partner?

Our experience allows us to provide services in the way expected by companies investing their money into construction that count on appropriate profits from the investment.

- we realize that your financial success depends on the swiftness of our acting
- we are a creative participant of the investments prepared by you
- we are able to provide you with comprehensive architectural services
- we realize how important the economic calculation of an investment is

We offer you the following services:

 Multi-purpose construction designs and finishing of buildings

    * detached and semi-detached buildings
    * apartment blocks
    * industrial and manufacturing buildings
    * multi-dwelling residential buildings
    * office and office and warehouse buildings
    * commercial buildings
  Technical interior designs for commercial buildings 

    * restaurant technical designs
    * office technical designs

  Spacial and cubic capacity analyses for building plots

    * design studies for the needs of obtaining site development and land management conditions
    * studies concerning division of land with proposal of development 
    * spacial analyses of options for calculation of investment profitability
    * land absorptivity analysis, taking into account the binding local zoning plan 

Many times, the decision whether to purchase investment land or building for reconstruction or not depends on the preliminary design analyses. Those are the moments when you need cooperation with an architecture studio which is capable of preparing spacial and cubic capacity analyses of options with area specifications within a few days. Our architects have experience gained while working on the development of architectural concepts which our clients used as preliminary analyses of investment profitability.
The studies we create are helpful in taking decisions strategic for the property developer concerning the purchase of land for investment.
  Audits of existing buildings in terms of the possibility of their usage or rebuilding

    * building stock-taking
    * expert opinions
    * audits of buildings in terms of commercialization performed to increase their economic potential
  Evaluations of existing design studies

    * evaluation of building designs in terms of consistence with development conditions or local zoning plans

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